Outdoor Advertising In Odisha

Bhubaneswar Odisha’s capital and one of the most advanced metropolitan cities. Here traditions, culture, and modernity go hand in hand. Being a vibrant city, Bhubaneswar attracts a lot of tourists as it offers a variety of cultures for them to experience, thus becoming one of the most commercial areas in our State. Odisha no doubt has a lot to offer the brands and is one of the best cities in India for market research, new launches, and brand building. Odisha being a pool of possibilities also holds the most competitive business environment. Hence if any Brand needs to firmly hold their grounds in Odisha they have to be super competitive and creative. One of the most famous media of advertisement in Odisha is the Outdoor advertisement. Outdoor Mediums consist of many options through which one can reach out to the target audience. It is one of the oldest and most widespread mediums of advertising, hence it has a history of bringing the brands the kind of response they desire. It is the most flexible medium since the innumerable options open up a platform depending on their location, illumination, the material of the display, etc. to manage the campaign well within the budget.

Options Available For Outdoor Advertising : Odisha

Hoardings: Hoardings display ads that are intrusive and do not require a viewer’s consent to convey the message across. It is the number one advertising platform placed along most highways and streets to give the brands a good reach and presence in the market. The creative can be placed in specific locations, depending on the audience the brand wants to target. The outdoor advertising agencies in Odisha ” Adperson Advertising ” have an upper hand in Hoardings as these are posted at a height. It is seen that 71%of people read the hoardings carefully while driving or passing by and learn about events or newly open places to visit. Adperson Offers Hoarding in all District of Odisha with proper tracking and maintenance of your campaign. Looking to promote your brand on Hoarding then you are on right place .


BQS: These are also known as transit Shelter displays. Here, the ads are placed above the bus stops and the viewers are mostly people who travel by bus and passers-by. These types of advertising help the brands and companies to advertise their products on heavy commute roadways thus catching the attention of the people waiting for public transport. It is also very much useful in areas where there is a prohibition of large format advertising mediums. It provides a wider exposure in a short period of time, thus providing a perfect and excellent reach. It increases the visibility of brands and helps them to directly reach their target audience. Adperson Advertising Provide BQS in all Major Cities of Odisha .  

Gantry: This involves the placement of advertisements on billboards spread across the breadth of a road, where the advertising option lies on both sides of the structure. They are usually placed on highways and expressways and are seen by travellers on specific routes.

Pole Kiosk: These are structures that are made back-to-back on electrical poles in a row in the major cities and townships, and are perfect for compact advertising. Since they are placed at short distances, there is repeated exposure of the same to the viewers increasing the recall rate.

Unipoles: It is a large format advertising type that is placed at the top of a very high single pole. It is basically a billboard with an outline structure mounted on top of a single strengthen pole or column.

Traffic Booth: It is one of the most unconventional methods of outdoor advertising, where the creative is placed right on top of the traffic booths that are present around the prime locations of any city. They are put up on a cubical surface, where the creative can be visible on all four sides of the cube.

LED Outdoor Display: This medium of Outdoor advertising is a relatively new trend of branding across India, it is more like a hoarding/billboard in terms of size, but instead of the regular print ads, the creatives are displayed on the LED screens. There is no requirement for additional illumination since they are clearly visible in the dark.

Utility Branding: As the name suggests, this type of advertising makes use of the public convenience facilities built on roads, markets, and crossroads for the sole purpose of advertising. The most common way of Utility Branding in India is advertising across the walls of the Public Toilets

Adperson Advertising have a lot of options to get creative for promoting the brands among 4.5Cr Population of Odisha. One of the reasons is the population of Bhubaneswar.  People are known to adopt new trends and accept new products easier in Odisha when compared to other metropolitan cities. As this Bhubaneswar has so much exposure, visibility, the question comes which is the best Outdoor Advertising agency in Odisha . There are many, but which Advertising agency in Odisha provides the customer with the lowest prices for multiple Outdoor media options – The Answer is Adperson Advertising .

Adperson Advertising : An Outdoor Advertising Agency in Odisha